Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: "Do you know where your kids were at midnight?"

Welcome to my first Wacky Wednesday!

I have a kid story to kick things off.  A couple weekends ago I was at my cousin's house.  We each have two kids between the ages of 9 and 4.  Well, the first night my cousin and I went to bed about 11:30p and I zonked right out! 

The next morning, after breakfast, my cousin asks me, "Do you know where your kids were at midnight?"

My reply:  "Considering they were sleeping in the same room as me, and asleep when I went to bed, they should've been with me."

She laughed and explained how she lay in bed the night before and heard noises downstairs.  Her first trip downstairs to check on things showed all was fine.  Back in bed, she heard more noises and trekked down again.  When she opened the door to her daughter's room she caught my two munchkins kneeling next to the bed trying to wake up her two.  When she asked what was going on, my dear daughter replied, "We're just carrying out our part of the plan."

At midnight.  The "Plan" was to wait for us grown-ups to go to bed, and then they'd all get up and play while the adults slept.  And with my kid's ability to stay up much later than they should, they almost succeeded.  Because I didn't hear a thing--even when my cousin herded my two back to bed in the room I was sleeping. LOL

Hard to be upset with them though when my cousin and I remember coming up with plenty of "Plans" whenever we used to get together as kids.

Any "Plans" your kids have cooked up lately?  And did they succeed or did you thwart them?

Stacey Joy netzel

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