Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: My 10 Favorite Things About Summer

Day lily in flower bed by my garage.
This is a chance to share on a Wednesday!  I'll give you my list of my 10 Favorite Things About Summer, and you can share some of yours (10 if you want!) in the comments.  Here they are in no particular order.

My 10 Favorite Things About Summer

Monarch butterfly the kids 'hatched' (?) last summer.
1.  No snow.  That means I don't have to bundle up and go outside to stoke up the woodburner to keep my usually freezing butt warm.

2.  Flowers and butterflies.  I plant a fair amount and I especially love different colored day lilies. 

3.  Fresh vegetables from the garden--especially tomatoes.  This year I'm trying popcorn and the stalks are over 8 feet tall.

Up North at the lake.
4.  The lake.  Though it's hard to get me in the water if it's not SUPER hot (otherwise I'm dealing with the cold again).

5.  Bonfires on a nice quiet evening and there MUST be marshmallows.  Ever make taffy with marshmallows?  It's messy, but so good.

6.  Sitting on the swing with my mom by the lake, reading a good romance book while my kids swim.

7.  A big loud thunderstorm with lots of lightning.  (As long as it doesn't blow over any of our willow trees.)

"You think I'm not cute?!"
8.  A cool breeze blowing through the window as I snuggle next to my hubby.

9.  Toads. I know, some of you will think I'm strange, but even nearing 40 I still love to play with the cute little critters.  Good thing my kids love them, so I get lots of chances to see them all summer long.

10.  Popsicles on a hot day.  Need I say more?

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite summer things.  Please share.

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Stacey,

    I may not make it to 10 but here goes:
    1. Sitting on the balcony listening to the waves and watching the dragonflies flit about.
    2. Sitting same place, doing same as above but seeing hummingbirds feeding in my flowers. I planted them for the little birds.:-)
    3. With you on the fresh vegetables.
    4. Watching the different types of butterflies, again same scene as above or in my garden.
    5. Watching all the different boats on the lake.

    Mary Jo

  2. I'm with ya except for the toad part Stacey. Although I used to go salamander hunting with my dad. :-)

    My favorite things:

    My front porch filled with flowers.

    Summer birds at my feeders.

    Skinny cow ice cream drumsticks.

    Riding in the convertible.

    Sitting on my parents porch up north and reading a book.

    I don't want summer to end...


  3. How I'd love a cool breeze and a thunderstorm about now. I'm in hot and dry San Antonio.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today.

  4. Mary Jo, I love your list! I envy you living on the lake watching all those boats sailing by, but then again, I know you've more than earned it! Enjoy!

    Beth, salamanders were too few and far between when I was little. Now I haven't seen one in YEARS, but I bet my kids would love them, too. The convertable and ice cream sounds GREAT!

    Carol, I have a little idea of what you're going through having had some of that heat up here in July, but I can't imagine it hanging out for the length of time you've had it. I pray for you all to get some relief down there soon!

  5. I love your list-lakes and bonfires are some of my favorite things too.