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Sunday Share: An Island No More, by Casey Clifford

Today I'm very happy to have award-winning author Casey Clifford with her new release AN ISLAND NO MORE. While I haven't read this book yet (it's on my Nook), I have read Casey's other books and thoroughly enjoyed them! (Black Ribbon Affair and Fireweed).


She's giving away an ebook copy of AN ISLAND NO MORE, so once you've finished reading, don't forget to comment for a chance to win! Before we get into the great excerpt Casey's sharing today, here's a bit more about her.

I consider myself a seasoned woman and aspire to become a seasoned writer. At this point, I’m no longer a
“new” writer, but I’m still meeting new challenges and learning with every writing project I take on. I’ve raised four sons. I’ve been divorced and single parented for 10 years. When I met my second husband, my older sons determined I should marry him before I did. However, I soon enough realized he was the perfect guy for me and we’ve been married for going on 33 years.
Before I retired, I taught college, mostly writing classes and social and interpersonal behavior/communications. I love to read, take photos (which go on my blog), bake and cook sometimes, visit my friends, and enjoy my family. My hubby and I love to travel and do so whenever we can. Every part of my life and experience I have becomes fodder for something that could end up in my books.
Finally, today is my oldest son’s birthday. Doing a guest interview as I am today was a far away dream back then. But if you stay true to your goals, you will achieve. I have; so has he.

1. How did you get started in writing, and how long have you been writing for?
I’ve written ever since I can remember--I’ve gone from long hand on a tablet, to a manual typewriter, an electric typewriter, a Commodore 64, an Atari, to an early desktop where one chapter took half a floppy disk. At least I didn’t start out with carving into stone. J
As for writing with a clear goal of getting published and making a few dollars, well, that came with retirement--to my second career as a fiction writer. I retired in 2000--new millennium, new career. Of course, I was only 27 when I retired. ;-)
2. What genre do you enjoy reading? Do you stick with what you write, or 'play the field'?
I read mostly Romantic Suspense, mysteries, and Women’s Fiction. I will enjoy a well-written historical and some light paranormal. I play the field if a friend highly recommends something different or if a writer friend/colleague produced a novel in a different genre. Of course, I read craft books and try to get a non-fiction book in every now and then though lately that’s been mostly relegated to research for new books. 
3. What do you find most challenging in the writing process?
My greatest challenge lately is finding all the time I need to do all that needs to be done for promoting and marketing my work and myself. In fact, if I can find an excuse to avoid it, I will--this is NOT a good trait. And now that I’ve bared my failings to an audience, perhaps I’ll be able to get over it.
4. What do you enjoy most?
Well, if you’re talking about writing…Most enjoyable for me is revision because that’s where my initial vision begins to sparkle.
5. What do you have in store for readers next?
Right now I’m revising the second in the Dessert Dames series. My goal is to have it ready to publish sometime this summer. And I’m doing what I call my “mind” work for the next book in my RS Affair series. I also have this monster (in size) book that should really be revised and broken into 2 books. But that’s a project for still more thought.
Readers can also find me at my blog where I blog every Sunday. Generally I try to have a topic most readers and writers will enjoy.
Casey's blog is an absolute treasure for everyone, writers and readers alike.  And I absolutely love what Casey said about revision... "that's where my initial vision begins to sparkle."

So, without further ado, here's her excerpt from the book that garnered 5 STARS at The Romance Studio.
"This suspense filled romance kept me glued to the book, unable to put it down." ~ Jaye Leyel

An Island No More, by Casey Clifford

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Heat Level: Spicy

Buy at:  Amazon   Barnes & Noble

College professor Maggie Meehan thinks she can tackle any challenge alone, but when an old flame returns to campus he puts her career--and her heart--in jeopardy...
With a daughter to support, Maggie wants the job security that comes from achieving college tenure. The likelihood of that lessens when Seth Baldwin, a man from her past, arrives on campus with tenure and a hefty salary. Sparks blaze between them that have nothing to do with their careers and everything to do with their hearts.
When Maggie's abusive ex-husband shows up making demands and a disturbed student hassles her, Maggie wants to tough it out on her own. But when a series of murders rocks the campus and Maggie is threatened and even assaulted, Seth refuses to let her face the ordeal alone.
Can Seth's love strengthen Maggie enough to overcome a killer bent on her destruction?


“What I’d really like to know, Maggie, is in which role you think I most resemble him? James Bond, perhaps?”
At that unexpected voice, Maggie’s heart slammed against her rib cage. Her tummy plummeted to her swollen feet. She spotted the Bondish-sly grin accompanying Seth’s words as he walked through the doorway with Emily close behind. Giggling, her daughter looked quite pleased with herself.
“More like his role in Lawnmower Man,” she snapped her conversational dart.
“Ouch…you’re killing me here. Lawnmower Man?”
“On second thought?” She cocked her head. “Maybe more Remington Steele. Inept. But perfectly attired—whatever the occasion or weather. And in reruns.” She eyed Seth’s casual appearance: pressed khaki shorts, polo shirt in a rich teal, comfortable boat shoes, no socks while she was barefoot and bare-faced.
“Reruns! Lawnmower Man. Woman, you show fangs early in the morning.”
“I wasn’t expecting company.” Despite herself, she laughed, and Seth walked across the patio with Emily at his side. He stood next to the lounge and peered down at her. She didn’t squirm but returned his stare. If he made comparisons to last night, he shouldn’t come calling unannounced. The warm morning sun turned her sweaty.
Of course, he looked cool and polished.
“Ahh, Mom needs more coffee. Would you like some, too, Professor Baldwin?” Emily grabbed an empty cup from the table next to the lounge. Maggie nodded and so did Seth.
“If Maggie doesn’t mind?” He stared into her face.
Could he read her emotions? She hoped not. She bit her lower lip, sighed, and leaned her head against the back of the chair. “Bring two cups, please, Em. Professor Baldwin and I have some talking to do.” Her heart hammered in a chest not sufficiently covered—at least with Seth Baldwin around.
“Good, I asked him to stay for breakfast. Is that okay?”
“You did what?”
Emily smile slithered away and Seth looked uneasy—for the first time. “He didn’t accept. After I bring coffee, you can talk and I won’t bother you.” Emily walked away, less confident than before.
“I didn’t mean to cause a rift.”
“I’m sure you have better things to do than join us for breakfast.”
“Actually, I don’t. Mind if I have a seat?”
“Take your choice.” She pointed to chairs several feet away. Contrary as she remembered him, he settled his lanky length at the far edge of her lounge. She ignored the skip in her heartbeat.
“I like the view better here.” He grinned which enhanced the smile brackets at his mouth. “Plus we don’t have to raise our voices.”
“Why’re you here?”
“To see you. An added bonus is discovering Emily.” He lowered his deep voice. “I didn’t know you had a daughter, Maggie. She’s delightful, charming, and full of spirit. Just like you…”

Thanks to Casey for being here today! Visit Casey at her blog and don't forget to leave a comment and your email contact for a chance to win an ebook copy of AN ISLAND NO MORE.

Have a great week!

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Great interview ladies. The book sounds intriquing. And I'm right there with you... I love the revision process!

  2. Nice excerpt, Casey, and I enjoyed the interview and getting to know something about you. I'm going to go over to your website to sign up for your Sunday posts.

  3. Thanks, Stacey, for the great introduction--even though I see at least 2 errors in my answers. :-) Guess I should have done one more proofread.

    However, that proves that writing is never truly finished and revision and editing could go on forever.

  4. Sara,

    I'm so happy that you're a revision nut also. It's great to have company at that. Glad to meet you. :-)

  5. Patti,

    Thanks for liking the excerpt. That's the beginning of one of my favorite scenes for that book. Today I won't have a very long post since I'm hear, but there's lots there. I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  6. Love getting to know about different writers and what they like most about the process.

  7. Great interview and excerpt! My favorite part of writing a book is revising, too. At least, the first two or three times. After that, not so much.

  8. Casey,

    Wonderful interview! I loved your other books and know I'll love this one.

  9. Clover,

    I love your name. So interesting.

  10. Edie,

    I hear you about after the 2 or 3 times, but if it's needed...we do it, right? ;-)

    So glad you liked the excerpt since yours are always spectacular.

  11. Ilona,

    Thanks for commenting. Your books are unique also for your understanding of the time period you write and how you bring it to life.

  12. Casey, I thoroughly enjoyed your excerpt and your interview. I can't wait to read all of your books since I'm a romantic suspense nut myself. I'm also looking forward to following your blog.

    Best of luck, and I wish you many, many sales with this new book and many continued sales with the series. I'm starting with Black Tie Affair--the cover has intrigued me ever since I came across it. (But the new one will be loaded onto my Kindle, and will be the next one I read.)
    Mal Olson

  13. Mal,

    Thank you so much. Writers work in isolation and getting support means so much to us--as I'm sure you know from your own experience.

    My college professor in English called a few weeks ago to say she really had liked Black Ribbon Affair; "however" (and doesn't that always make your tummy squirm especially when your fav college prof who you believe you will never live up to), I love An Island No More." Of course, then she proceeded to tell me what areas she saw my growth as a writer.

    Gotta love stuff like that.

    I hope you enjoy both of them. Thanks for commenting. I'm feeding off your enthusiasm. :-)

  14. I recently finished FIREWEED and have to say I couldn't put it down. You have a great knack for building tension and keeping the reader guessing. This book looks to offer more of the same.

  15. Helen,

    So very glad you enjoyed Fireweed and it didn't disappoint. When will your next book be coming out? I'll be sure to be one of your first buyers.

    Have a great week.

  16. Sara Ellwood is the winner Casey's hubby drew from her lucky purple hat! Sara, Casey will contact you via email for your preferred ebook format.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by!