Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beach Book Blast!!!


Join me and the WG2E Street Team members for the Beach Book Blast--a chance for you to load up on FREE books for the summer, plus a ton of $0.99 bargain books. It's a perfect chance for you to try out some new authors and new genres--risk free!

Oh, and did I mention you could win a KINDLE FIRE??
(donation thanks to the awesome D.D. Scott!)

Participating Authors: Dale Amidei, Meredith Bond, Debra Burroughs, Greg Carrico, Kristine Cayne, Cate Dean, Dana Delamar, Keta Diablo, L.C. Giroux, D.D. Scott, PJ Sharon, Alicia and Roy Street, Tracy Sumner, Kiru Taye, Tamara Ward

What am I offering with the BBB?

  • LOST IN ITALY  ~  FREE at Amazon
  • DITCHED AGAIN  ~  $0.99  (regularly $1.99) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • DRAGONFLY DREAMS  ~  $0.99  (regularly $2.99) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • MORE THAN A KISS  ~  $0.99  (regularly $3.99) at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
When you click the BBB image above, it'll take you to the blog for the listing of books, the 'buy' links, how to enter for the Kindle Fire, and don't forget to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!  (yes, I did yell that because we're excited to share with all of you!)

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Here's to a great summer!

Stacey Joy Netzel

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  1. I got them all! Thanks, Stacey. This was a great event and I hope you all exceeded your goals. :-)