Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Find that Character Contest

**Updated Feb 2013**

Charlie is the character who appears in the RW series.

Barbara and Karen were the winners and have been shipped a print copy of Lost In Italy and Chasin' Mason.

 Thank you!!


Which Character in the WTR series has snuck into my RW series?

However briefly he appears, he's in there.

Series books seem to be a favorite among readers (and writers—I know I LOVE revisiting ‘old’ friends from previous books), so I got to thinking, if an author has two well-liked series, what could be more fun than having a character from one series pop up to interact with a character from the other series? Or even multiple characters.

As I mention at the top of the post, I've already laid the ground work in my two series, Welcome to Redemption and Romancing Wisconsin, because one of my WTR characters is briefly mentioned in the RW series.

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So, between now and January 31st, I'm taking email entries as to which character it is. From those who submit the correct answer, I will draw a winner for their choice of one of my print books, signed, sealed...and delivered from the USPS*.

 “Wait, how do I win a print book??” you ask.

  • Read both the Welcome to Redemption series and the Romancing Wisconsin series.
  • Find the character from the WTR series who is mentioned in the RW series
  • email me at StaceyJoyNetzel (at) gmail . com with Find that character contest in the subject line, and the character name
  • on Jan 31st, one randomly drawn winner will get their choice of one of my signed print books. 

I've even given you a hint up above to make it easier, so get reading and send in your guess!

Thank you, happy reading, and good luck!

Stacey Joy Netzel

*Ebook will be substituted in the event the winner lives outside the USA or Canada.

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