Saturday, June 1, 2013

Giving Back in JUNE! Wounded Warriors Project

For the past two years, I’ve donated the royalties from one of my books for the entire month of December to a charity. In 2013, I’m switching it up and splitting it up to benefit more than one charity in a couple different months.

This June I’m donating 25% of my net royalties for the Romancing Wisconsin Volume I Holiday Boxed Set. It includes Mistletoe Mischief, Mistletoe Magic, Mistletoe Match-Up, and the exclusive bonus story, Mistletoe Rules.

Holiday stories in June, you ask? (and even if you didn’t, pretend you did) Well you see, the first story is actually Christmas in July at the zoo, so I’m just a month early on that one. Plus, these heartwarming stories will make you want to celebrate Christmas any time of the year—and Santa Butch is a treat you don’t want to miss. Best part of all, your purchase (or gift to someone else) not only gets you the boxed set, but you’re helping out a great organization that helps the men and women injured in the line of duty to their country.

In December 2012, I donated to a local no-kill animal shelter because my heroine in Mistletoe Magic runs an animal rescue. Reader generosity allowed me to write Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary a check for a little over $6000. But then I felt a bad because Janelle’s hero Mark is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, and he deserves to be spotlighted, too.

So for this round I’ll be donating my royalties for RWVI to the Wounded Warriors Project to help US veterans.

For the first six days of June, I’ll have the Romancing Wisconsin Volume I Holiday Boxed Set on sale for $0.99. Yes, you read that right, less than a dollar! Regular price is $4.99, so it’s a great deal, plus you get the exclusive bonus story.

If you’re reading this after June 6th, the price will be back to $4.99, but remember, my donation will keep adding up through the entire month of June, so please still consider picking up a copy. US veterans and I will thank you!

Get yours today—or gift a copy to someone:

Then keep track of the number of copies sold in the running total on the sidebar and watch for my full update after the end of the month.

Again, thank you very much for your generosity! Feel free to share this with friends on any of your social networks.

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Price at BN is still $4.99 but I assume they just haven't lowered it yet. Either way, great deal all around!

    1. Thank you for the heads up! (at a conference right now so hadn't had a chance to check it.) I just sent the price through again--hopefully it takes this time.

  2. Hello Stacey.

    As a veteran I thank you for helping. My circumstances allow me to receive health care outside of the VA as well as from the VA. There is no hospital that I trust as much as I trust the VA hospitals that I have visited. There are great doctors and nurses working there and they have always treated me with the utmost respect. Sadly they and the system that they work for are severely overwhelmed. Many veterans do not have any other source of health care.

    The current crisis at the VA makes programs like The Wounded Warrior Project more important than ever.

    Thank you kindly for helping my brothers and sisters.

    1. Jay, it is my honor to help those who protect freedom for me and my family. My husband, father, and father-in-law are all veterans, and I appreciate them, and all those serving, every day.

      Thank You for your service and for stopping by the blog. I wish you, your brothers, and sisters, all the best always!