Monday, July 15, 2013

Italy trip pics for RUN TO ROME

Here are a few Italy trip pictures from 2011 that are connected to or inspired scenes in RUN TO ROME.  (Can't believe it was almost 2 yrs ago already!)

Castello di Torrechiara, the castle in Parma where
scenes from the movie Lady Hawke was filmed.

Driving through the Apennine Mountains in the northern Tuscany region.

Sovrintendente Capo Fabio Martinelli and me after our interview.

Great dinner, great company!
(With my brother's Italian friends and US co-workers.)

Tea after dinner was a completely foreign
idea to Davide, so he kept teasing me.

A very cool picture from our drive the first weekend
that took us from Milan to Lucca.
Pretty scenery despite the gray day.

Mmmmm....cornetto alla crema.
The espresso was Troy's--I had tea.  

Stop by Wednesday for some pictures of the tower where Ben and Evalina were forced to spend the night, and the beautiful mountain town of Sillico.

Italy Intrigue Series


Have a great day!


  1. Oh wow, great photos. Love the shot of the mountaintop castle in the haze and the windy road. Got thirsty and hungry looking at the food photos. But where's the vino???

    And how lucky you were to land an interview with the police captain/superintendent. I'm impressed!!

    1. There is vino--couple bottles of it. I should post the picture of the table with the fish before we cooked it. THERE's some vino. :)

      My brother's friend Emilio is friends with Fabio and arranged the interview. It was very interesting.

    2. In fact, going up and counting...there's 4 in the pic. *grin* I had a few sips...I don't like wine.

    3. I thought those bottles were water bottles. Stupid me.

  2. Cool photos. The castle one is awesome.

    1. Thanks, Val. :) There were so many neat things about that trip!