Monday, March 10, 2014

Authors Supporting Our Troops

Awesome author Armand Rosamilia is collecting fellow authors' books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan in April. The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they're over there.

But you don't have to be an author to help. Keep reading and I'll show you how!

Check this out ~ as of March 9th, there are 181 authors participating and 1427 books. AND, more are arriving every day!

Photo: March 9th update: 181 authors and 1427 books so far for the Authors Supporting Our Troops event. #ASOT2014
There are some SJN books in there. Can you see them?
Nope, they're buried under the tons
more that came in after I sent mine.

AUTHORS:  Interested in donating some of your books? If you're an author and want to help, join THIS PAGE and then get in touch with Armand Rosamilia for the address to send your signed copies by the end of this month. Let's do something positive for someone else!

NOT AN AUTHOR? You can still help TWO different ways!

1. You can donate $ via PayPal to Armand at: armandrosamilia (at) to help with the major shipping costs for mailing all those books overseas.

2. Buy this awesome T-shirt HERE and it helps with shipping costs as well. Sale ends March 20th.

Click HERE to buy

The lovely ladies of Wisconsin Romance Writers Green Bay
Area supported our wonderful troops by donating $60 at the March
meeting. THANK YOU all for your contributions!


  1. Wow, thank you all so much!


    1. You're doing so much more on your end, so really, no problem. We're happy to help. THANK YOU, too! :)