Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: A Kitty Befitting A Romance Author.

Grace loves romance!
Meet Grace, our cat-dog, and the perfect cat for this romance author.  Could her markings be more perfect?  The white on the left side of her mouth makes it look like she's smiling.

I call her a cat-dog, because we don't keep a litter box in the house and she lets us know when she needs to go out--even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning.  Unfortunately, we've become immune to her meows as we sleep, so she either wakes us up by shoving her nose in our faces, or she attacks our feet.  Both get her the desired result.

She used to "knock" on the window behind my computer desk when she wanted to come in, but quickly discovered nails screeching across the glass gets me out of my chair MUCH faster.

Recently she commandeered a new spot in my writing area, though down by my feet is still a favorite place for her to snooze.  Very nice for me, because I ease my toes under her and she keeps them warm...if I move slow enough to avoid a daytime attack.

Lastly, if the kids are bothering/chasing her, she jumps on my lap and begs for protection--which is always given.  Even if she doesn't quite make the leap and uses her nails to secure a hold.  Ouch!

But she gives us joy each day, and lots of love, (no matter how many of the kids' toads she lets loose in the house) and we wouldn't trade her for anything.

May you have some form of Grace in your life each day!  Have a good one.  :)

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Love the blog, Stacey! I have four of those feline muses and they are darn near perfect, even if as I speak I have one muse leaving me a hair-ball surprise in the corner of my office. I swear, it's happening right now. LOL.

    I have a tuxedo cat as well, only she's a short hair. We call her Mama Socks, or Virgin Mary. A nickname she got because when I decided to bring the stray inside I told hubby it was because she was with child and it was supposed to get below freezing that night. My hubby said she was much too young to be with child then scolded me for questioning her virtue. A month later, we had six kittens.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks, Christie. We love them despite everything, right? Above I said Grace lets us know when she needs to go out...also when she wants to go out. And come in. And out. And in. All with in 5 minutes. Frustrating!

    So cute about Mama Socks/Virgin Mary. Best part is your hubby scolding you. LOL

  3. Aww, so cute! I remember how patiently she sat on the kids' laps while they watched a movie. Such a trooper. Sunshine would have swatted them and run off meowing her heart out...LOL

  4. Aww, I used to have cats - then I met my husband. He's highly allergic. I still had two cats when I met him and he used to get allergy shots. When both of those kitties passed on to kitty heaven, I won't say my husband was happy but I never got another cat after that. We do have a giant English Mastiff though but he's not much of a reader.

  5. Very pretty Kitty. My version is named Trouble. She's a smoky Himalayan tortious shell persian who also hibernates in my office. Love your story.

  6. Donna, you definitely have a character in Sunshine. :)

    Carol, sorry your hubby is allergic, but so nice of him to get shots. Nice of you to stick to dogs now.

    Calisa, love your name, and your cat's. Bet she's a pretty one. We have a tortoise outside who was very sassy as a kitten so her name is Sassafrass.

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  7. Your cat sounds like a sweetheart. My cat is an indoor cat. The only time she went out, she hid behind the bushes in front of the house, too afraid to move. I had to lure her back into the house with a trail of kitty treats.

    But at least she wasn'ty pregnant, like Christy's. lol

  8. Stacey, Grace is so gorgeous. You know my hubby and I love cats. We started with Maxie who died almost a year and a half ago. We still talk about him. Now, we have two little girls named Dory and Midnight, whom we love dearly.

  9. Edie, Grace started as a barn kitten and moved herself up to a 'do whatever I please' cat.

    Sandy, I remember how sad you and hubby were when Maxie died, and also your joy with the new girls.

    Thanks for coming by.