Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beach Book Blast Summer Launch Event + Giveaway

Welcome to my personal blog post for the

Authors of the WG2E Street Team and the Beach Book Blast blog have gathered together to bring you all their summer releases in one super event full of prizes and fun!

My book in the event is Chasin' Mason
on sale for $1.99 (regular price $3.99)

Get your copy here: AMAZON, BN, SW, ARe, KOBO

I make no secret of my love of horses and mountains, so one or the other in my books should come as no surprise. Chasin' Mason features one hot cowboy fighting for what he feels is his due and a fiesty woman dealing with guilt while struggling to hold on to the ranch she holds dear. Mason is the horse.

My romantic suspense Colorado Trust Series starts with Trust in the Lawe, also set on a ranch with horses, but instead of the sultry Texas range, the location is the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains. Linking the cowboys and horses in Chasin' Mason and Trust in the Lawe seems a logical move, so...

for my personal blog event giveaway the prize is:

Set of 3 Signed print* books
Colorado Trust Series
Trust in the Lawe
Shattered Trust
Shadowed Trust

 (*Print books shipped to the US or Canada only. If winner is outside of US/Canada, I will gladly substitute ebooks for the print versions)

QUESTION: Is there a setting/location that would make a book an auto-buy for you?
Using the Rafflecopter below, you can enter once or multiple times.

Now, if you haven't visited the Beach Book Blast blog yet, you'll want to hop on over there and see what's happening! Enter to win the grand prize of a KINDLE FIRE, or one of 15 other prizes.

On Thursday, from 8p-11p Eastern (7p-10p central), all us authors will be hosting a Facebook Party. LIKE us on Facebook and join the party for a chance to win even MORE prizes!

 Plus, visit the individual blogs offering personal giveaways like mine--links are listed under the book blurbs on the Books page (link below). All in all, that's 24+ prizes you could win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Some of our participating authors took time to answer my question and posed questions of their own. Click on their name to check out their blog!

Lily Silver is partial to the settings of Ireland or England, any time period.

Natalie G. Owens: “Victorian London - love that era for its mystery and the dark secrets and activities that thrived during a period of repression. For example, the study of the Occult. Magic and mayhem in proper London - makes for great stories! Of course, there needs to be a mystery to solve... Another era I enjoy is the modern era but one that is affected by centuries-old secrets. A specific artifact or an ancient civilization, for example. I love thrillers with such story lines like The Venice Conspiracy, The Da Vinci Code, etc.”

Janice Palko:  “A book set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is an auto-buy for me.  I have vacationed there for years, and I love the place.  I'd love to live by the ocean and the terrain on the Outer Banks is rugged and beautiful.  Plus, there is so much pirate lore and history there that only adds to the mystique and charm of the place.  In fact, my third novel, a romantic suspense, which I hope to have out next year is set in a place just like the Outer Banks.”

Tamara Ward: “I'm always interested in books set in the town I call home, Holly Springs, NC. It's a fairly small and mostly bedroom community near Raleigh. We've got a nearby nuclear power plant and an incoming interstate, along with fantastic parks, history - and people, of course!”

Christina Routon: “Almost anything set in the south. If I'm familiar with the location I'll most likely buy it.”

*lizzie starr: “I can think of only one locale that's an automatic buy for me--that would be the planet Pern. It's a place I long to visit if I could, so McCaffrey's books take me there.”

Shelia Seabrook: “I don’t usually buy books based on location, but since I love the Rocky Mountains, I’m drawn to anything with mountains or rugged terrain.”

Alicia Street loves historicals set in ancient Greece or Crete.

Roy Street’s setting of choice is New York City

Thanks for visiting and GOOD LUCK!

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Ive never really payed much attention to locations when buying a book but Texas is probably one that i do buy a lot of. I love cowboys! ;)

  2. Not really. I usually always enjoy the settings the author provides in the book. Thanks for being part of the blog hop.
    Sue B

  3. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to win your books.

    Kim J.
    Breath of life

  4. Usually an exotic location (The carribbean, Greek Islands,
    the Mediteranean, Hawaii,BoraBora, anywhere, where there's
    the potential for a whole lot of adventure waiting to happen.

  5. Hi Stacey - Right now I am doing research for a book that takes place on Raasay, and Island in N.W. Scotland. I would buy a book set there just for the setting! I popped over from Beach Book Blast...hope you are having a wonderful blog fest :-)

  6. I don't think for me there is a specific setting that would make a book an auto buy for me... it doesn't matter the time period either.

  7. I would have to say the South because I am so familiar with the south but really for me it is more of the storyline:)Thanks for being a part of Beach Book Blast!

  8. I don't pay that much attention, but I do buy those set in Texas and in places I want to visit some day like Australia and Ireland.

    Congrats on the new release, Stacey and much success!

  9. I would definitely buy a book if it was set somehwere hot and sunny. I live in Scotland where the normal weather is set to rain and cold :-)

  10. I do not know if any setting would make a book an autobuy for me, but I do love books set in San Francisco :)

  11. I live in the Rockies so anything written here is always a treat! I Love the rugged mountain cowboys!

    Lara Hunter

  12. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the covers, they are all gorgeous and the books sound wonderful.

    for me if a book is set in the mountains of Wyoming/Montana or the Highlands of Scotland it is almost always a given that i will buy it. i grew up in Wyoming and Montana and there is just no place more beautiful. My mother says it's because God builds the love of the Rockies into your soul along with the love of the open sky and friendly people. :D
    As for Scotland it is the one place i have always wanted to visit.

    tammy ramey

  13. I don't usually pay attention to the settings, but I do read a lot of stories that are set in the mountains and deal with ranches or farms. I also read a lot dealing with Australia outback settings.

  14. The setting/location of a book is incidental to me--initially it's about the cover art, blurb, and reviews from bloggers with similar taste in books...

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  15. A bit of a one-stop reply here. And I'll quickly say--thanks to everyone for the comments!

    Shadow—Love books set in Texas, but not sure I could take the heat there.

    Katsrus—Thanks for coming by.

    Kim J—Happy to have you stop by.

    DVQ—is it okay if I shorten your name? (I hope so) I am not a fan of the beach for myself, but I do find it fun to read books set in exotic locations. Thanks!

    Amy—the BBB has been great! Glad to have you hop over from there. Scotland is a wonderful location—especially for historical.

    Yadkny—so an author can seduce you to go just about anywhere, anytime, so long as the story is great. I’d think we all agree with that, too. Thanks!

    Allyson—I enjoy the south as well. Any chance you’re a fan of Hart of Dixie? (I know, it’s a TV show, not a book, but I love it.)

    Rhonda—I love books set in Australia, and yes, a visit there would be pretty darn awesome. Maybe someday… Wishing success back at you when ILLUSION OF SAFETY releases this fall!

    Wendy—warm and sunny is a definite plus when you’re used to the cold. Though if I’m snuggled in my reading chair with a mug of tea or hot chocolate, I don’t mind a book with cold. So long as I’m warm.

    Denise—haven’t read many books set in San Fran that I can remember, but I have been there and it’s a cool city.

    BN100—New Orleans has that wonderful mystical quality that can really add to a book if the author uses it almost like a character. Great choice!

    Lara—met you at the BBB Facebook party! Thanks so much for coming by! Yeah, the Rockies are by far my favorite location, too. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d live in Colorado. I hope you are a safe distance from the fires that seem to be burning just about all over out there in the west.

    Tammy—your mother sounds like a very wise woman! WY and Montana are both states I would love to visit someday soon. Thanks so much for the compliments on the books and for commenting!

    Becky—good authors blend the setting into the book seamlessly—like a loved (or sometimes scary) secondary character. I agree with the settings you enjoy—mountains, ranches, Australian Outback… Thanks for stopping!

    BookAttict—yep, getting back to basics—that blurb has to catch the reader and then the book has to follow through on that promise. So glad you came by!