Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet the Book Blogger: Danielle

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Danielle from The Book Whore Blog. I should disclose she's a huge fan of Lost In Italy, but in all honesty, that's only a small part of why I enjoy visiting with her online and am happy to consider her a friend.

Danielle graciously accepted my invitation to interview her for the very first post in my Meet the Book Blogger interview series. Brave girl! No, seriously, the questions weren't that bad.

Well, read on and you be the judge!

When and how did you get started with book blogging?
I started blogging a couple of years ago but took an extended break. When I first started blogging it was because my reading obsession kind of made me an outcast in my daily life. I was hiding in books because I was going through a lot, and it was the one place I felt comfortable. I began blogging and I have met so many awesome book addicts I don’t feel like an outcast at all! We are many!

So very true! I buried my nose in books for many years because I was so shy.
What is your favorite genre and is there anything you won’t review? 
I am a knock down drag out romance fan! I occasionally dabble in horror but romance is my drug of choice. Currently I am in LOVE with historical and I am having problems going back to my other loves like contemporary, paranormal, and suspense. I figure if I just keep going with it then eventually I’ll get sick of Historical and welcome back my other favs but so far I am showing no sign of stopping.

As for what I won’t read anything real! I read to escape reality so anything that involves self help or a biography I will not read.

What was your most exciting ‘fan-girl’ moment with an author?
Do you mean besides the time I received a signed copy of Lost in Italy? Haha That was an awesome moment! (You're so sweet!) Other than that I would say when Sabrina Jeffries, a pretty big historical romance author, tweeted me and told me that she loved my review of one of her books. I actually saved that screen shot and it took me twenty minutes to reply because I was just shocked!

Danielle's awesome moment preserved!

Paper books or ebooks— and why?
Ebooks are okay but nothing gets me more excited than a paper book. I love the feel and smell of the book, and the site of my book resting on my bookshelf. I also just really love going into a bookstore or receiving a book in the mail.

And getting 'good' mail is even more exciting these days since more often than not it's just junk mail.

Is your significant other/family supportive of your book addiction?
My husband is incredibly supportive. I think it may drive him a bit bonkers that I talk about characters in my books as if they are real, or when I am drooling over incredibly hot covers, but he accepts it. We have this thing where if I like a series from book one he will always buy me book two and he writes a little love note on the inside of the cover. I go back later and I just love reading them again after time has passed. He also buys me LOTS and LOTS of books and doesn’t mine that he has zero bookshelf space. I guess in most relationships the wife hogs the closet but I hog the bookshelf!

That is very cool! The love notes inside the covers are so sweet. Readers, you can check out the man-behind-the-girl-behind-the-blog HERE

What is your beverage of choice while reading?
Hi my name is Danielle and I am a wine-o-holic. Haha I think wine goes great with any book or truthfully anything!

You'd get along great with my sisters, brother, sister-in-law, brothers-in-law, dad... LOL

What is the most challenging part of book blogging? Rewarding?
The most challenging is keeping up. I have so many books to read and just not enough time to read them all. Also when I don’t like a book and I have to give it a negative review I HATE it. I stay up all night tossing and turning in bed as if it is the end of the world.

The most rewarding thing is being able to talk to authors I fall in love with, in my mind they are rock stars. Also having access to covers and books before they are even released, and getting to meet so many other people who obsess over books the way I do.

Do you like to hear from an author after a review? How do you and your fans feel about authors following, reading and posting on your blog?
I REALLY enjoy hearing from authors after I review a book especially if I loved the book because I become an instant fan-girl. (Instant fan-girl just add good book) Sometimes if I don’t hear from the author I get a little bummed like, “Hey maybe they hated my bad grammar or my review style”. (your review style is your review style, and it's great!)

I also do really like when authors are actively involved with bloggers/reviewers, to me it shows they support us as much as we support them. When I have a giveaway I LOVE when an author is talking to readers during a giveaway or just being interactive, it makes the giveaway more fun, not just "here is my book win it."

Good to know, because sometimes us writers can be shy. (Yes, I still have my moments.)

How much is too much for an ebook?
I have this rule, if the ebook and the paperback are the same price I will not buy the ebook. It is my least favorite thing when a book is $8.00 and the ecopy cost that much as well. Also if an ecopy treads over into the double digits I’ll pass. Even if it is a book I am dying for, I’ll wait till the price drops.

Do you know how many books currently reside on your To Be Read list?
Oh! My! Gosh! My TBR pile is larger than I am in both height and weight. I read one book I add 10; I honestly could never even begin to count. Even if I just counted the books waiting for me not the ones on my wish list it would take me forever.

Authors just LOVE readers like you Danielle! Keep it up!

Check out Danielle's awesome blog header!

Stacey here again. Something else Danielle didn't talk about, but I LOVE on her blog, is COVER WARS. Click the name to check out an example of the meme she started on her blog. It's so fun!

So now that you've met Danielle, go follow her on Facebook, Twitter and definitely visit her BLOG. If you follow by email, you know every time she puts up one of her fabulous posts!

Danielle, thank you very much for being my first guest for the Meet the Book Blogger feature. I've got a list of other bloggers scheduled in the coming months, so follow my blog so you can be sure to meet the next blogger.
Did you like the interview? Leave us a comment and show some love. While you're at it, have a great day!
Danielle & Stacey


  1. Thanks for joining me, Danielle! I'll be back from my son's field trip this afternoon to join in the fun!

  2. Thanks for the great post. I've always wondered how people come to be book bloggers. I definitely will be following Danielle.

    Also, Danielle, if you'd like to add to your to-be-read pile, I can send you my new romance St. Anne's Day.

    This was a great window into the life of a book blogger.

  3. Danielle's such a nice person. She was one of the first friends I made when I started my blog. I love Cover Wars too and her discussion posts. Such a fitting beginning to the blogger interviews Stacey!!


  4. @Janice Thank You!! Sounds awesome! I will check it out!

    @Adria Thanks so much!

  5. Danielle is one of the coolest bloggers out her reviews!

  6. Janice-Danielle's got some great posts.

    Thanks for coming by, Adria--I look forward to getting your interview up, too.

    Maggie-glad you came by. Gonna have to check out ReadingDiva.

  7. Awesome interview and I just adore Danielle and she runs an awesome blog. She supports others in the blogging community and I am proud to call her my friend.

  8. Great interview Stacey and Danielle. And unfortunately, I would love to add another book to your TBR pile! It's not only historical romance, but paranormal as well. I think (hope?) you'll like it!

  9. Great interview, Stacey and Danielle!

    Stacey, this is such a wonderful idea and a great way to not only introduce authors to great bloggers, but to show our appreciation for them!

    Nice to meet you, Danielle! As a reader I've got an addiction to historical romance, too, even though I love it all. As an author let me say - thank you!

  10. muuaawww @Kim!!! Your so sweet!

    @Merry sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear what it is!!

    @Alicia Nice to meet you to. :)

  11. Hello Danielle! I'm late to this party but glad I made it! I'm also a big fan of historical romance. Sometimes I go on a historical romance book binge. Right now I'm into romantic suspense, but I like most flavors of romance :). So nice to get to know you!

  12. I read this and completely forgot to distracted, like a kitten with a string...LOL

    Stacey, wonderful idea! And Danielle, I loved your review of Lost In Italy, which is one of the best romantic suspenses I've ever read. And nope, I'm not biased at all. LOL If you haven't read it yet, Stacey's If Tombstones Could Talk is phenomenal! And if you ever have a yearning to read some small town romance, Stacey & I have received great reviews on our Welcome To Redemption series. :-)

  13. Hello Natalie nice to meet you also!

    Hello Donna I do think Lost in Italy is one od the best Romantic suspense I have ever read. Such a fun story I think about escaping back to that book all the time. I think I may have purchased the redemption series. I have to look back & double check.

  14. Wow Danielle, I love that your husband buys you books, then leaves you love notes inside of them. That's so sweet and romantic. No wonder your bookshelf space keeps growing. Thanks for the lovely interview!

  15. Kim, Merry, Alicia, Natalie, Donna and Shelia...Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. :)

    Like Danielle, book bloggers have been very gracious and open to guesting with me, so I've got interviews scheduled out into February already! It's been lots of fun to read all their answers.

    Some of my future guests have commented for Danielle, so definitely check back. :)

  16. Danielle and Stacey,

    Chiming in late but it's been a crazy week. Love D's banner and your interview. Danielle, you sound delightful and I'll start following your blog since you are also very smart having loved Lost in Italy despite your preference for historicals. Stacey knows I'm one of her oldest fans. ;-)

  17. Casey, most importantly, you're one of my dearest fans and friends. Love you! And yes, Danielle is delightful. Watch one of her Sunday video logs (Vlog) and you'll agree!