Monday, October 6, 2014

Final Canning total for 2014

Here are my final totals for the year. The only way this would change is if Wayne gets a deer hunting, then I'll add canned venison to this list.
  1. Dill pickles            60 quarts
  2. Green beans           70 pints
  3. Salsa                      72 pints
  4. Diced Tomatoes    15 pints
  5. Spaghetti sauce     48 quarts
  6. Sloppy Joe sauce   26 pints
  7. Pizza sauce              8 pints (new for me this year)
  8. Apple pie filling    24 quarts
  9. Applesauce            38 pints  13 quarts  (also new this year--but now a staple)
Yep, I went a little crazy canning this year, but my shelves look AWESOME! *grin*

In addition to all this, I also wrote another book. Autumn Kiss, book #6 of the Romancing Wisconsin series. I'll tell you all about it in an upcoming post this week because it releases Oct. 21st.

Did you do any canning? If so, let me know what's different from my list - I might want to try it next year.

Oh, and I did grow the cucamelons I talked about in a previous post--my son liked them okay, but I wasn't too impressed, so I didn't really do anything with them. The taste was fine, but they reminded me of a cherry tomato-all squishy and seedy inside and that doesn't do it for me.

Also, last year I did 8 pints of pears off our tree, but this year the pears ripened much faster than I expected with the cooler weather we had, so the kids ate some fresh off the tree, but unfortunately, the rest rotted.

That's it from me. Have a wonderful day!

~ Stacey


  1. I'm so jealous! Home-canned tomatoes are the best. So are the rest of the things on your list, but tomatoes...mmm. If I ever get back into canning, which I probably won't because our dirt here is more like hard-packed clay (so no gardening), I'd also do stewed tomatoes and a homemade V8 juice. Not that I'd recommend it, but only because I hate them, but my dad liked to do beets. They look really pretty in the jars... :)

    1. I agree, they are the best. I've been doing my own spag. sauce for about 6 years now and can't imagine going back to store bought.

      Can't you have topsoil brought in for a small plot?

  2. I have larder envy now. :(