Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Romantic Suspense?

Just recently on Twitter (@StaceyJoyNetzel if you want to follow) I met up with @JustRomanticSuspense.  Seeing as I have a couple of books available in that genere (Lost In Italy, Trust In The Lawe, Shattered Trust, Shawdowed Trust), I had to check out the website:

Very Cool!  There are A LOT of RS authors out there and some very well know names! 

Allison Brennan, Angi Morgan, Barbara Freethy, Brenda Novak, Carla Neggers, Lori Foster, Debra Webb, Heather Graham, Rebecca York...and the list goes on.  There are also a number of not-so-well-known RS authors, but hopefully you'll browse and get to know us, too.

The site features guest blogs and giveaways by authors, new release information, Fun stuff, Book of the Day, and more.

Check it out!  And while you're at it, meet the website's creator, Maureen A Miller with a short bio from the website.

Maureen is known for writing blustery romantic suspense novels, but even she needs to warm up after awhile. ENDLESS NIGHT will take you to Maine's rugged coast in the middle of a nor'easter, while JUNGLE OF DECEIT will have you sweating in the rain forests of Guatemala. Whatever your geographical preference, chances are that Maureen will weave you a tale of romance and danger in one of them.

Endless Night

You can find all of Maureen's books at her Amazon Author Page.

I can see already I'm going to be adding to my TBR list on my Nook! Thank you Maureen for setting up this great site!

Happy Reading and check back to see what's up for Sunday Share.

Stacey Joy Netzel