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Sunday Share: Blue Jeans and Stilettos + giveaway

Today I welcome fellow WisRWA member Jordyn Meryl and her co-authors C.Deanne Rowe and Maggie Rivers.  They're they creators of Blue Jeans and Stilettos, an anthology of three romance stories.  They also have a second book in the series: Mrs. Clause Wears Stilettos.

Jordyn, C.Deanne, and Maggie are not only sharing excerpts below, but one lucky commenter will win their choice of an ebook or autographed print copy.

Blue Jeans and Stilettos - Adult Romance

Jordyn Meryl-When Dreams Change-(Hot) Jessica’s dream was a small café’ in Italy.  But when her husband walked out the door, so did her dream.  But dreams changed when Alejandro walked in to be her bartender.

C. Deanne Rowe-It’s Better in the Dark-(Hotter) This birthday could change Sofie Edwards’ life forever as she finds hot desire in a mystery man that she has never seen.

Maggie Rivers-Take a Chance on Love-(Hottest) Jennifer Sinclair doesn’t want sex on her fantasy island vacation. Caleb Hollister wants Jennifer.  Who will win?

When Dreams Change


 “You stupid-cheating-mother-fucking-son-of-a-bitch!”

The heavy stoneware plate hurled from Jessica’s hand headed towards

her husband.

Sweat lingered over her eyebrows running in her sea green eyes.  So infuriated she didn’t even pause to wipe it away.

Charles, a middle-aged, non- athletic nerd, jutted to his right at the last second as it hit the wall behind his head shattering into pieces.

Raising his hands out in front of him to block her onslaught, his wire-rimmed glasses twisted on his nose. “Damn it, Jessica.  Buying the café was a mistake.  I just can’t stay here and work all the time. I feel stifled.” 

           Her words came at him in a blaze of pure rage. “What the hell do you mean, mistake

We sold everything we owned to get the money to buy this café.”

          “Well I just don’t think this business venture is going to work.”  Charles still had his arms up in a defensive block.

          Jessica grabbed two more plates, angrily releasing one. “What do you mean it’s not going to work?” Charles dodged the first plate.

Her tone of voice seethed with white fury. “What’s the real reason, Charles?”

The second one soared at high speed.  It nicked his forehead, just above his eye. Blood oozed from a cut.

          “Okay!  I want someone else.   Bambi and I want to have a life together.”  He held his hand over the wound.  “Enough!  I’m leaving.  It’s all yours honey.  Do whatever the hell you want.  I’m done, finished, out-of here.”

          With another plate in her hand, Jessica watched as Charles twisted around and did a hasty escape out of the door.  Blonde Bambi was waiting for him outside.   Dragging his little sex kitten behind him, Charles exited indubitably out of her life.

It’s Better in the Dark


IT’S BETTER IN THE DARK.   Spend an evening rediscovering your senses.  Let us give you a fantasy night to remember in a perfectly safe environment.

“This is it.  Lindsey, come here.  Hurry!”  Emma frantically waved her free hand in Lindsey’s direction trying not to spill the coffee occupying her other hand.  “I found the perfect birthday present for Sophie.”

“What?” Lindsey asked.  “What are you screaming about?”

“Look at this.”  Emma pointed to the advertisement on the bulletin board placed strategically on the wall by the door of the Morning Brew Coffee Shop.  “That’s perfect for Sophie.  You know how hard she is to buy for and she’s been complaining about her boring life lately.”

“Our Sophie?”  Lindsey patted her chest and laughed.  “So we are going to hire a male prostitute to spend an evening with our Sophie for her birthday.”  Lindsey laughed.  “Classy.  You know she’d never go for that.  You’ve had some crazy ideas Emma, but this one takes the cake.”

“Stop it,”  Emma said.  “It’s not a male prostitute.  That’s not what it says.”  Emma put her hand on her hips and let out a huff making Lindsey aware she was a little miffed she would think that of her.  “I wouldn’t think of doing that at all.  This sounds different.  I’m going to call and see what it’s about.”

“You do that Emma.”  Lindsey sipped her coffee.  “Just leave my name off if it’s something creepy.” 

“If my weird alarm goes off, I’ll make sure and tell you.”  Emma took one of the brochures and placed it in her purse as they headed for the door of the Morning Brew Coffee shop.  “It sounds like fun.”

Lindsey walked ahead, throwing Emma a look over her shoulder.  “If you are really serious, maybe someone here knows something about it.  After all, they let them leave flyers.”

“Good idea.  I’ll ask.”  Emma turned and headed back to the counter.  “Can you tell me anything about this business?”  She laid the brochure in front of the young girl running the register.

“Let me get Duncan.   Just a sec.”  The girl disappeared into the back room. 

She, Lindsey and Sophie had been coming to this coffee shop several times a week the past few years.  They knew just about everyone who worked there even the guy Sophie had a crush on, but she wasn’t sure who the young girl had gone to retrieve.   She and Lindsey were positive if Sophie became involved with the guy behind the counter she might have some fun but she would be paying for most of the dates.  So far they had been successful convincing her and Sophie had kept her distance. 

Sophie’s handsome attraction came walking through the doorway.  “I’m Duncan Tait.  Can I help you?” 

Take a Chance on Love


          Caleb Hollister sat behind his mahogany desk studying the four profiles lying in front of him.  Numbers one, two and three were a definite no.  They wanted sex in every shape, form and fashion imaginable.  He didn’t.

          “Let’s see what kind of sexual fantasy this last one can come up with,” he said aloud to himself as he opened the last folder.

          His gaze rushed over the form until he came to the section which would describe what this particular woman had in mind for a week of sexual indulgence limited only by her imagination.  She was paying for it and had the right to ask for any fantasy she wanted. 

Most of the women who came to the island were aggressive, jaded females so he had been totally unprepared when his partner, James, announced his marriage to one of the ladies he’d “serviced”.  But that was the difference between the two friends.  James enjoyed servicing the females who visited the island.  Caleb did not.  He managed the business.  He didn’t participate. 

James’ replacement wouldn’t arrive for another week and these four women expected their fantasy to come true.  Three would be taken care of with no problem.  It was the fourth one he was concerned about.  Now he would have to step up to the bed, so to speak.

          His gaze stopped on the first words. 

“Absolutely no sex.”

Caleb reread the sentence.  There had to be more to this woman’s fantasy.  He read on.

“I want romance.  I want to be talked to, to be held, to have a man be attentive to me, the person that I am.  I don’t want sex.  I want an intelligent conversation, somebody who’s funny and can make me laugh.  Under no circumstance is sex to be brought up.  If it is, then my money is to be refunded in total.”

This was definitely a stroke of pure luck.  A week of having some female companionship without having to perform some kinky sex act for some woman he had no feelings for was just fine with him.  He didn’t like having sex with females without emotion behind it.  That just wasn’t in him.  Never had been.  He wrote the names on the covers of the folders, putting his on the last one, and tossed them in his “out” basket for Nigel.


Bios-Three writers became friends. Together they created anthologies to tempt the senses, stir the imagination and leave you wanting more.

An autographed copy can be ordered at any of the websites.

Price $15.85 plus $3.00 shipping.

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Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Jordyn (and C.Deanne & Maggie)! I wish you all the best of luck with your books!

Readers, remember, the ladies are giving away winner's choice of an ebook or print copy, so make sure to leave a comment and email address so Jordyn can contact the winner!

Stacey Joy Netzel  


  1. Hey Stacey, thanks for having us on your blog. I really enjoyed writing the "stilettos" books with Jordyn and Deanne and meeting the fans was just awesome. We're doing a third in the series entitled "Venus in Stilettos" which comes out February 11. Hope your readers enjoy the books as much as we have.

  2. Thank you Stacey for a great blog. I however screwed up and gave you the wrong web address for C. Deanne Rowe. It's Sorry Deanne.

  3. Absolutely fantastic opening scenes and each so different. Great job, ladies!

    And the cover? Hooked--that's what it did for me--in one glance. I must be really easy... ;-)

  4. I would love to read "Blue Jeans and Stilettos". It all looks amazing.


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