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What Did I Read in 2011?

This is a list of some of the books I read in 2011. The first are ones I posted reviews for on Amazon and BN that I read in the latter half of the year. Time writing and with family got in the way of me keeping up the list that makes up the rest of the books mentioned, but I wanted to put them all into one post and hope to try to figure out a better way to do this each year.

Now you go ahead and recommend some books to me!

Driving Me Nuts, PJ Jones   Unexpected Surprise

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book other than I knew it wasn’t going to be a parody like the author’s other works. As the plot unfolded, taking strange and twisted turns in a ‘borrowed’ Mustang convertible, I was drawn in by the quirky yet sympathetic characters until I was rooting for Ruckus and Apple with every page. Gotta love Fred, too, but Garth made me laugh out loud. The ending was so touching it brought tears to my eyes.

Fireweed  by Casey Clifford       Great follow up to Black Ribbon Affair

This second in Clifford’s Affair Series is another winner! (Black Ribbon Affair won a Virginia Romance Writers’ HOLT Medallion Award honoring outstanding literary talent.)  We meet up with Caitlin and Mike on a corporate retreat/fishing trip to Alaska that ends up ANYTHING but relaxing. The scenery is breathtaking and the is action non-stop—even explosive. It was fun seeing how this couple’s relationship progressed with their marriage, and I sincerely hope there are more adventures planned for these two. They make a great team!

Splintered Energy by Arlene Webb         Amazing imagination

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Yet, that’s exactly why I bought this book—the cover completely captivated and intrigued me. Then I started reading and Arlene Webb’s amazing imagination and way cool characters took over. The moment I was done, I immediately downloaded the sequel, The R Word, and stared reading.

The R Word by Arlene Webb  Second in The Color Series as good as the first!

This book picked right up from Splintered Energy and kept me reading more than one evening way into the night. This continuing storyline is so unique, with equally exceptional characters that are layered and complex, I look forward to the next books in this series so I can spend more time with them and see if they can return ‘home.’ Funny thing is, though I really want them to, the thought makes me sad and I’m not quite sure what to hope for.  Guess I’d better keep reading as long as Webb’s still writing! Book 3 House Of Seven is on my Nook.

Smilodon by Alan Nayes             WOW!

I am a total sucker for a great cover. This one dug its fangs in, the blurb sunk them deeper, and the writing locked Smilodon’s jaws to hold my attention until I reached the high-octane ending. Again, WOW! Cougars are one of my favorite animals, and big cats in general are just plain awesome, but the thought of the big cat in this book loose in wilderness is downright chilling. Nayes’ descriptions brought the scenes alive in my head and raised the hair on the nape of my neck at times. Lastly, I’d like to request: Hollywood, make this a movie, please!

Atlantis, by Lisa Graves  Loved the book!

I started this book with an open mind since I don't read much YA. I'm really glad I did give it a try--I loved the paranormal idea behind the book and Graves does a great job putting the reader in Lilly's shoes. She has a way with her words and the first person point of view really works well. There was only one thing I wasn't too sure about at the end, but I found out the author is planning two more books in the series and sincerely hope my question is answered. Great job Lisa Graves! Book two in the series, Stonehenge is also waiting on my Nook.

July 2011
Tall Tales and Wedding Veils, by Jane Graves. Fun twist on the marriage of convenience, or 'got drunk and married in Vegas' story. Very heartwarming, funny read.

June 2011

Meddling With a Millionaire, by Cat Schield. Cat's debut book was a winner for me. Now I have to go to her website to download her free prequel novella, Her Secret Millionaire.

Golden North, by Ilona Fridl. Cute follow up to Silver Screen Heroes, set in Alaska in the 20's. Looking forward to book 3, Bronze Skies.

May 2011

Ghost Ship, by PJ Alderman. Follow up to Haunting Jordan that's just as good of a mystery and Alderman left me wanting the third book in the series just to get more Jase. Darn you, PJ, write faster!

Fool Me Twice, by Sandra Mrshall and Sandra Sooko.Two stories with an April Fool's theme. Marshall's is fun and cute, Sookoo's has a more serious tone but still gets the fun in. The two make for an enjoyable collaboration.

Mountain Ranger Recon, by Carol Ericson. Book 2 in the Brothers in Arms series and just as good as the first. I highly recommend this series. Did I mention I can't wait for Jack's book?

Navy Seal Security, by Carol Ericson. Great start to Carol's new Brothers in Arms series. Great hero & heroine, and she's got me totally intrigued by Jack, who'll be the hero of Book 4.

April 2011

Not Without You
, by Jean Barrett. I've been a fan of Jean's since joining WisRWA—he writes great Harlequin Intrigues with lots of action. This book delivers on action—it should what with spanning three wars—and gives the reader a wealth of emotion. I kept waiting for Kate and Efrem to get together, only to be kept guessing until the end. Great book that shows the enduring power of love.

Those Baby Blues, by Sheridon Smythe. This book was a "Treet" from start to finish! I may be a little partial to movie star heroes after writing my own in Lost in Italy (not published), but that doesn't take away from this fun, sexy, heart-warming book. Give it a try.

Montana Belle, by Linda Morris. I really enjoyed this western historical novella. Good to read in one evening, curled up with a warm cup of tea!

March 2011

Not Looking For Trouble, by Delia Deleest. Delia writes the 20's as if she lived them. (I know her personally and she's much younger than that!) She's paired up a sweet but strong heroine with a strong yet vulnerable man for a great romance—once they've worked through some issues.

Tempting Adam, by Jill James. Jill's debut novel is a fun, sexy read with a feisty heroine who reveals a heartwarming vulnerability at the end. And Adam is, among other things, hot! I'm really looking forward to Jill's next book.

Curses, by Cindy Spencer Pape. I bought this one awhile ago and am slowly working through the ebooks on my Nook. Cindy captured me right away with the paranormal element and kept me reading with her wonderful characters. A witch who thinks she's destined to be alone, and a werewolf who doesn't want to pass his paranormal genes on…they're the perfect pair to break the Curses in their lives.

February 2011

Haunting Jordan, by PJ Alderman. I loved PJ's A Killing Tide, and her new series is just as good! Fun and quirky, yet lots of mystery and suspense. I'll be picking up her next book in the Port Chatham series real soon.

Sparring Partners, by Leigh Morgan. I'm about half way in and so far so good! Leigh's got a way with words that makes it hard to put down my Nook. I'm looking forward to the rest of the book. March: Finished the book and enjoyed it all the way to the end. Great job, Leigh!

January 2011

Cattitude, by Edie Ramer…quite a twist on the 'body-switch' plot. I really enjoyed this fun read!

Beauty & the Geek, by Roni Adams…LOVED this book. Read it in one sitting. Louie's the hottest geek I've ever read about!

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. May goodness, you've been busy! Thanks for reading Fireweed. Since I've been writing so much, I've been reading less and that's a real downside. :-(

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