Friday, September 14, 2012

LOST IN ITALY gets a new cover!

I loved my original cover for LOST IN ITALY, the model pics were so absolutely perfect for how I pictured my characters...

...but, alas, it was time to give it a new look that better fit the Romantic Suspense genre, and this is what Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs designed for me.
And the full front and back for the print version...
Much as I'd have loved to keep the hot guy pic, he just didn't fit. So enjoy him here, or on my Twitter page. :)
"Yeah, we're looking at you, buddy!"
Get your copy of Lost In Italy today and have a great day!
(Psst--check out the cover on the left side for buy links)
Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. I like it! I loved the hot guy but this new cover is definitely great.


  2. Nice layout, Stacey! I love the continuity wraparound.

  3. It was hard to give up the guy, Adria, but I'm glad you agree it was worth it. :)

    Thanks so much Dale!

  4. Are you going to do a follow up book with the blossoming relationship of Ben & Evalina? That would be a great read! Just curious.

  5. Hello, Veronica! Yes, Ben and Evalina are next. I have a couple short projects to finish and then I'll start their book.