Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The kids spent some time at grandma and grandpa's and came home with a bucket full of blackberries, so my 10 yr old daughter decided to make a pie from scratch. Crust and all. Here's a few pictures...
Double checking the measurements

Making the crust

All those blackberries ~ filling's the best part
(or would've been if Mom had remembered to add some flour)

Ready to bake
(extra crust is for cinnamon-sugar crust cutouts--they were GOOD!)

All done!

So, even though I read the directions wrong and forgot to have her add flour to the filling which made it a bit watery, it was still delicious. She can bake me a pie any day! Thanks Morgan!

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Looks better than I could bake. Yummy.

  2. She did it all herself, all I did was supervise. Should've let her read the directions and she probably would've caught the flour in the filling that I missed. :)

  3. It looks absolutely delicious! Ten times better than the first pie I made (with friends, and we were just about her age). We made an apple pie, and what I mainly remember is having to smash a brick over the bag of brown sugar to break it up, and the look of disgust on my grandma's face after taking the first bite...LOL Bless her heart, she then smiled & assured us it was delicious.

    Morgan can bake me a pie any day as well. :-)